Homemade Protein Chocolate Bars without Oven!

Today we’re gonna make a fitness chocolate nougat. It’s super easy to make and super rich. It’s really a Christmas version of the protein bars that are usually eaten as snacks after exercise. So let’s start by looking at all the ingredients we need: Slightly more than one cup or 150 g oat

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Health Properties of Oranges

Orange is one of the most consumed fruits in Latin America. It is very important as food because of its medicinal value. After the banana, the most desired and appreciated fruit is the orange. Medicinal uses of oranges Orange is made up of water, glucose, vitamins A, B, C, citric acids, mineral

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Cooling down after training

Cool-down should complete any training unit. In this phase the intensity decreases and, after loading, the body prepares itself for rest and repose. The heart and circulatory system are subjected to relative activity, but it is no longer a heavy burden. Cooling concludes the exhaustion phase and

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Face Powder and blush the right way

Using only the tip of the bristles of your large brush, sprinkle translucent powder over your entire face. Apply powder along the forehead, around the eyes, nose, mouth and chin. Don’t forget the eye sockets and the neck. The powder helps fix the makeup and adds a nice matte finish. It must be

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Why are we more and more seduced by essential oils?

Most of us really like essential oils mainly because it’s natural! Let’s treat nature with respect and we will do it! Then because the products are very concentrated and overpowering! How do essential oils work? Surprising as it may seem, the scent of essential oils is not pleasant for everyone:

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What are the health benefits of lemon?

Lemon is acid par excellence, it is the king of natural medicines, the champion of remedies. With a sour taste, and pleasant aroma is beneficial for the body, lemon has the most extensive applications in cooking and medicine. Medicinal use and advice The lemon is rich in vitamin C. It is widely

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Apples: Medicinal Uses and Benefits

The apple is the product of a tree of medium height, of the family of Rosaceae, originating in Central Asia and the Caucasus region. Medicinal Uses The apple, besides being nutritious, is rich in vitamins and pectin, which stimulate and regulate the organic functions, detoxifying and

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